China has one of the world’s fastest growing telecommunications markets and operates the world’s largest fixed (wireline) and wireless telecommunications networks. SME looking for export opportunities are advised to start with agents and distributors that have the necessary resources, e.g., good connections and technical support.

The best sub-sector prospects within the telecommunications sector include:

• mobile communications including 3G and value-added service platforms
• broadband access network equipment including wireless LAN, LMDS, and ADSL
• operational management systems like BOSS and multiple service platforms
• public safety (emergency response) systems

In terms of products, we provide a reliable communication channel between companies to have mutual partnerships. We provide current market trends overview and feasibility reports for possible projects consultation and price review for successful long term partnerships. In terms of services, we bring together teams with the practical experience to challenge convention. We work with operators and facilitating partners to create business and operational strategies. We assist partnership with ensure reliability of partners before matchmaking. Major partnerships are based on competitive cost reduction programmes and develop innovative products and technologies to customers.