Includes: Integrated Circuits, Software, Telecom, and Safety & Security

According to data from MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China), the ICT market size in China reached USD 1.79 trillion in 2012 (compared to USD 746 billion for the European market in 2011). China’s ICT (information technology and communications) market in 2014 will reach US$396.7 billion, showing an increase of 11.1% YoY, with the IT market reaching US$204.8 billion, up 14.2% YoY, and the telecommunication services market size reaching US$191.9 billion, up by 7.9%. The ICT industry covers a wide range of products and services, including telecommunications, Hardware, software and IT services. European SMEs will find opportunities and niche markets in some of these sectors in China. However, due to complicated regulations and market barriers, EU SMEs may also encounter various challenges while entering the Chinese ICT market. 

Our information and communications technology (ICT) consultancy facilitates technology transfer, projects including manufacturing and production units, Merger and Acquisition of European Companies with Chinese Investors, innovative research implementation. We ensure not only technology meets the requirements of its users but that it is implemented and managed to realise the promised benefits. LU Consulting also provides expert consultancy that covers the full lifecycle of the design and implementation of these systems. We bring our expertise to ensuring that the ICT strategy is comprehensive, the design is robust, the implementation is successful and the ongoing management delivers the benefit. This comprehensive approach covers a wide range of disciplines including enterprise architecture, business analysis, systems engineering and service management. We also understand the context that ICT sits within, whether this be a new public service or a new building, and adopt a holistic approach that engages all stakeholders and delivers fully integrated solutions.


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