LU Consulting is a high-tech consulting company based in Denmark and China, LU originates from the founder's surname, in Chinese means path, a gateway to success. It symbolizes that with proper consultation and planning, it's possible to achieve your goals effectively and efficiently. Our logo a flying red Phoenix refers prosperity and strength. Our consultants and specialists endeavour to perform and deliver excellency in business solutions.

Our mission is to provide consultancy and services for industrial sourcing, manufacturing, quality management and business development and personalised marketing research. We are committed to add value to businesses and society. Our international team is composed by Chinese, European and American collaborators with expertise in different technical fields.

Our headquarters is located in Frederiksberg, a vivid area with parks, universities, coffee shops and restaurants.

Our values, "The VRQ":

  • Vicinity - Our teams around the world are close to our clients in each continent with expertise. We ensure effective communication between clients from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Reactivity - Since the Time is one of the most important factors in international business, we establish deadlines for each project or service, and our consultants do their best to meet the deadlines.
  • Quality - Our project managers, with the help of our quality inspectors and engineers, are continuously improving the quality of our services adapting them to our clients’ requirements. For the manufacturing and import-export projects, our quality inspectors’ team control the goods during the production and before the shipment to ensure that the quality meets the requirements and in case of quality issues, we will find the right solutions to solve them.


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